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After many hours of tweaking, testing, breaking and fixing, hours of chasing down illegal moonshine stills, and black market shops, the brewery plugin is now officially live. Basic idea is you cook ingredients in a heated cauldron, distill them in a brewing stand, and for some types of liquor, age them in a barrel. The end result is a potent alcoholic drink. This feature is available to all players. Check out the tutorial section of the forum for a quick starter guide on brewing. 

By DJL0st12, 3 days ago
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After a bit of testing this evening, I was able to identify where we stand with the lwc/factions integration. Chests, shulker boxes, signs, all reset upon a change int he faction claim of the chunk. Doors do not. I was tempted to remove door locking entirely. However, if your land is claimed, the person can simply break the wall and walk in anyway. All features of lwc and factions remain the same. However, the database was wiped to start fresh. Please re /lock anything you need locked. 

Additionally, I have resolved some conflicts, and as of Saturday morning, phantoms make their return. Don't idle outside at night!

By DJL0st12, 15 days ago
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I had teleport delay and cool down set pretty high for a while to deal with abuse in pvp. I have dropped the delay to 2 seconds and the cool down to 15 seconds. I have added combatlog. Logging out while tagged for pvp combat now results in death. This has no effect on pve 

By DJL0st12, 18 days ago
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Monday morning at 5am server time (cst), end and nether will be regenerated

By DJL0st12, 22 days ago
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A server's economy, especially one that is completely player controlled is a living thing. It ebbs and flows at the whim of the player base. With our recent growth, it was time to reconfigure things a bit.


Shops that were owned by players who had not logged in in the past week and were empty were sold back to the server.

The original large shops had a warp added to them.

The original medium shops were doubled in size to the size of the large shops and the price set to $50000. 

The original small shops were doubled in size to the size of the medium shops and the price set to $25000

The original small size shops were set to $10000

Anyone who had an active and stocked sh...

By DJL0st12, 22 days ago
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