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LCR has a twitter now. Follow or else. Link is also listed in the social media section in the footer of the website

By DJL0st12, 1 day ago
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When the sky darkens, and the moon turns red, it's time to fight, and you can't go to bed. 

Yeah, I'm not a poet. However, the bloodmoon feature is now live. A big thank you to those that endured the testing and balancing stage of this feature. I have removed the experience loss portion of the plugin. However, keep in mind that death during a blood moon WILL cost you your entire inventory. Don't go out in a blood moon with anything you can't afford to lose. However, I've increased the extra rewards. High risk, but well worth it if you can survive!

The current frequency is 20 days, up from 15 days during testing. Sleeping will not work during a bloodmoon. This will add that extra challenge that some of you cr...

By DJL0st12, 19 days ago
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After some work in the advertisement and recruiting departments, our playerbase has grown quite a bit. As a result, I believe it is time to upgrade our hardware. This will also allow me to expand the server's worlds/feature in the future. This hardware upgrade will occure within the next two weeks. Once it is complete I will need to move the domain over. Keep an eye on the website for further news regarding the upgrade. 

By DJL0st12, 25 days ago
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After a bit of hard work and communicating with plugin devs, I have been able to resolve all incompatibilities. The server is now live on 1.15.2. Please adjust your clients accordingly. 

By DJL0st12, 29 days ago
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While it is exciting that 1.15.2 has been released and provides a bit of optimization, there are some features and plugins that are essential to our server design that have not yet updated. While it should not be long until they do, for now we will be staying on 1.15.1

By DJL0st12, about 1 month ago
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