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When the sky darkens, and the moon turns red, it's time to fight, and you can't go to bed. 

Yeah, I'm not a poet. However, the bloodmoon feature is now live. A big thank you to those that endured the testing and balancing stage of this feature. I have removed the experience loss portion of the plugin. However, keep in mind that death during a blood moon WILL cost you your entire inventory. Don't go out in a blood moon with anything you can't afford to lose. However, I've increased the extra rewards. High risk, but well worth it if you can survive!

The current frequency is 20 days, up from 15 days during testing. Sleeping will not work during a bloodmoon. This will add that extra challenge that some of you craved so much! 

1. Death during a bloodmoon will cause your entire inventory to dissapear, not drop on the ground. it's gone.
2. All mobs have double damage and double health (down from triple health). 
3. Mobs can apply effects such as confusion or nausea
4. Shield usage timed properly can prevent effects
5. Mobs killed during a bloodmoon will drop 4 times their normal experience, and will drop some combination of diamond, iron, gold, horse armor, and some rare items.
6. Mobs spawned from a spawner will not drop extra exp or items.

By DJL0st12, 19 days ago