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We originally had dynmap. After a bit of thought and player input, I realized that being able to zoom in on builds to find other faction bases was broken. This saddened me because dynmap has it's uses even on a faction server.


I've come up with a solution. Dynmap is once again available. However it is a 100 percent clean map and will never update with player locations, player placed blocks etc. You can use it to find biomes, find coordinates etc. You can not however, use it to stalk your faction enemies!

Let me know if there are questions. Dynmap can be found in the tab at the top of this website

By DJL0st12, 28 days ago

good thinking, but it would be nice if you could see yourself on it at least, for navigation purposes


By MRLEGOBlox, 9 days ago

Our system doesn't allow that. The map is a clone world of the main. This is the only way I can keep it from showing player builds already in place. Clever use of f3 or the get pos command should make it easy to find biomes etc

By DJL0st12, 8 days ago