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Starter commands

 Started by DJL0st12

Helpful Starter Commands

While our server is fairly intuitive and easy to get started in, the commands listed below issued in the order shown can help you get a jump start on things. 


  1. /rules: (then press t to free up your cursor and click on accept). This will promote you from default to member.
  2. /help: This will display most of the commands you have access to as a member.
  3. /f help: This will display commands available from our primary plugin, Factions
  4. /ma help: This will display commands specific to the plugin, Mobarena
  5. /balance: This will display your economy balance
  6. /jobs join: (review the listed jobs, then RIGHT click on the job of your choice on the main page). Money is useful. Join a job
  7. Press tab key: Our tab provides a bit of extra information that is quickly available at your finger tips
  8. /stats: This command provides a list of interesting and useful stats our server keeps track of
  9. /pt: This command will list your playtime on the server
  10. /ranks: This command will list the next available rankup and how much it costs
  11. /register {email} (replace {email} with your email). This will connect to our website API and send you a validation email to register
  12. /warp shop: Take a walk around our shop district to see what our players have for sale.
  13. /wild: Tp to a random location out in the wilderness!

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